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expected outcomes

clutched & released—lighten us


Handwritten haiku poem on 3x5 card with yellow quilt in background reads: expected outcomes/ clutched & released—lighten us/ considerablyreads: ex

As I struggled with the clumsy middle line of the haiku, I decide to leave it, a reminder of the awkwardness that is the wrapping and rolling of the gathered angst and frustration and fear and “should be’s” rolled into a giant ball. These are my expected outcomes, my desired outcomes. On the other side of that mucked up ball I sense the “considerably.”

Considerably provides a sense space, an expansiveness I can breathe into—I can step into—each of the five syllables a stepping stone into a new room, an open meadow, a previously unfamiliar place. I am unsure of its exact look but the freshness of the air of considerably is enticing.

... an expansiveness I can breathe into ...

I long to travel and be elsewhere. Perhaps that Elsewhere is here—within me—an unexplored place. The jets and passports are unnecessary. I’ll step into this inviting unknown, this exotic place, a vacation of its own, that exists without my expected outcomes … considerably.

As always, thanks for reading!

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