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remixing the old

separated and settled

a salutation

Closeup of swirls of green paint.

It can be so random. Like mixing up an old can of paint at your job in order to bring a bit of fresh color and vibrancy to a rundown break room at work—which is precisely when it happened.

A recognition that something forgotten was being mixed back in. “Castle Green” was reemerging like a mythical place out of the clouds. Molecules of colorful pigment had separated, other parts had settled.

... reemerging like a mythical place out of the clouds.

A blending, slowly, slowly. Too vigorous and paint slopped and slobbered over the sides of the can. Patience is the key, I think, though I want it to happen faster. I stop to admire the swirl of Castle Green’s viscous parts then snap some photos. Eventually they blend and I’m able to transform the bench.

I come back to the photo and experience later in the week.

Humph. Indeed. A buzz of awareness: parts of myself had separated and settled. As with the remixing of paint, patience is key. But when I’m finished, a reunion and recognition—a salutation to a forgotten self.

As always, thanks for reading!

PS: This post was originally published to the Haiku Thursday list in July 2022. To read haiku and essays in real time, join the Haiku Thursday list.

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