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Haiku Trilogy

Mysteriously, vol. 1

With only three lines,
haiku is deceptively simple.


It can reveal a nugget of truth, like gold. A morsel of deliciousness to be savored. An instantaneous transportation into another world. It can change your consciousness. Or it can just make you laugh.


In Mysteriously, the first volume in a trilogy of her haiku, Laura Lee Bond has compiled hard-won nuggets of universal truth.

In the atmospheric Watercolor-Rendered Words, the second in the trilogy, Bond’s poetry paints images of the natural world aided by the wind, a splash and a laugh.

Leave Us in the Now, the third volume, explores how we experience the present moment—whether it’s place, time, or the company we keep.

Three books of poetry by Laura Lee Bond titled Mysteriously, Watercolor-Rendered Words, and Leave Us in the Now

Watercolor-Rendered Words, vol. 2

Leave Us in the Now, vol. 3

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The Love Around Us

some haiku-inspired essays

to brighten your day

do something you love

for today and every day

ripples in a pond

There is so much love all around us, in both the momentous and the mundane.

Wending through familiar human experiences, Laura Lee Bond’s poetry oscillates between the refined and the raw, between the visceral and the mystical, and between the harrowing and the humorous. Written with striking relatability to our own humanity, Laura Lee’s words swirl around us, ripple and expand outward, as we stand reading on the shore, each haiku gently lapping at our own reflections.

Accompanying essays included in this volume, give us a deeper dive into the author’s insights and her writing process. The Love Around Us is a bright delight.

Book cover for The Love Around Us by Laura Lee Bond

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