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Mismatched Life

fully inhabit

the beauty of mismatched life


Corner of old rug in foreground, layered over gray rug pad on top of wood floor with door sill and white cabinets in background. Haiku overlay: fully inhabit, the beauty of mismatched life, irreplaceable

Even this haiku is mismatched.

For months I’ve been struggling to feel like I fully inhabit my new life. (There’s a whole book in that effort.)

And for years I’ve worked to love my beautiful mismatched life.

A few nights ago “irreplaceable” dreamed its way into my middle-of-the-night-insomniac notes. I held it for all its five-syllable glory.

... I've worked to love my beautiful mismatched life.

Maybe at the outset of the year it’s fitting I gather the work of the last few months and conclude with irreplaceable.

As always, thanks for reading!

PS: This post was originally published to the Haiku Thursday list 29 December 2022. To read haiku and essays in real time, join the Haiku Thursday list.

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