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How We Are

blooming how we are

not waiting for permission

we defy judgements

Hand with dime for size comparison of yellow and orange dime-sized daisies

Oh! I LOVE the way the universe reveals itself through absolutely everything.

Every spring, our gravelly front yard sprouts hundreds of tiny plants that look no different from weeds—at first. We allow them to thrive and eventually they blossom, turning the granite to swaths of yellow and orange blooms. This delights me to no end.

This year, instead of growing to their usual height, some stayed petit—a shaggy green carpet. As others grew to their usual height and burst their cheery colors forth, I mourned the tiny ones, having judged them as a loss.

The other day, as I was taking the trash out, I saw my judgement had been defied.

But by golly they did it!

There, next to their taller peers, was a blanket of tiny blooms. They didn’t get leggy and broad or produce multiple flowers. But by golly they did it! They created one perfect flower and presented it to the world with all the gumption and pride of their giant counterparts. I liked them more for their petit perfection—for blooming how they are.

As always, thanks for reading!!

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