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Haiku Writing Workshop

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

kissing a furball

people seeking adventure

grow wildly

Image of handwritten poem: kissing a furball/ people seekinmg adventure/ grow wildly. To the left of the poem three images: a dog and woman, older man and woman next to an RV and purple flowers

Today I had the delightful pleasure of leading a haiku writing workshop at the adult rec center in Tempe, AZ. I did the exercises along with the attendees. This haiku came out of the second writing activity in which I handed each writer three notecards with random images on them. The directive was to write a haiku about one of the photos or create a storyline haiku from all three, it was up to them. They had 6 minutes in which to compose haiku.

I did the exercises along with the attendees.

Dealing myself 3 cards as well, I turned them over (photo above) and jotted down the haiku in the photo based on all three (a line for each). I also wrote the following one for one of the images:

wiry & wily

quieted only for her

he loved intensely

The workshop was brief and fun—so like haiku!

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