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Total Compliment

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

writing in a book

defacement or compliment?

total compliment

Image of book chapter called Inspiration Arrives with a poem underneath: inspiration drives/ a 63 Impala/ arrives unannounced. Over the book page are handwritten words and a figural drawing.

There are two camps of people: Those who write in books and those who just gasped in total shock, horror and absolute abhorrence at the Q and A of this week’s haiku. Likely obvious by now is my firm adherence to Team Writing. I use colored pencils to draw doodles over the words themselves so that the text is easily visible, but the imagery helps me to recall what it is that moved me.

... my firm adherence to team writing ...

Two things happened last week: One, I got an email from a cousin giving me a hard time (jokingly) for having put blank pages in The Love Around Us. Two, I got an email from someone I went to high school with, thanking me for putting blank pages in the book—with fantastic photos of the why for this gratitude.

Speechless, I took in these images of someone else’s inspiration.

Yep, total compliment.

And humbling to my core.

Thank you Christy for sharing this high, high praise.

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