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Catch a Tiger by Its Dream

sleeping stone tigers

formed a pyramid-shaped pride

awakening me

I love recovering my dreams every morning—they’re such gems of unusual insight.

Not only do they help me to understand multifaceted layers to what's happening in my daytime world, but they they’re a major source of inspiration for my writing.

What do you think of dreams?

My interest in and enthusiasm for dreams goes back to my childhood when, awakening from a particularly exciting dream, I’d feel compelled to share the adventure with my family. I think my brother was the only one listening because many years later, when were adults, he confided that he’d thought I was making all that up, but now he understood I just had a better connection to my inner worlds than many folks.

I explore dreams more in my first book, The Love Around Us, and dream imagery shows up in volume one, Mysteriously, and two, Watercolor-Rendered Words, from my haiku trilogy.

What do you think of dreams?

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