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Approach the Fence

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

judgements plant fence posts

around which barbed wire extends

blocking us from truth

Image of dry rocky landscape with barbed wire fence

I recently had a very visceral experience with judgements that gave me this insight:

When we make a judgment we set a post down. And another. Spaces between with its sharp contrast, pointed deliberations and twisted beliefs knotted together create a barrier between us and the world—which is essentially between us and the truth.

And on the other side of that fence is our friend, or family member, or potential new friend, or possibly even the dream we dream for ourselves.

They are there—in all their glorious beingness—themselves, ready to share with us.

But what comes through that barbed fence of judgement is an oddly sliced and mangled version of its truth and wholeness and beauty.

And so, when we judge others we are also judging what we experience before it even happens. This in turn limits us, turning our judgements against us—the enemy inside the fence!

... when we judge others we are also judging what we experience before it even happens.

How does it feel to be on the other side? Perhaps that person is desperate to share something with us, a precious thing to them, a special gift that only they have. As they extend their unique gift towards us, the softness of their skin and the miraculous light of the gift are snagged on the jagged barbs that loop with garrote-like precision landing that gift strangled and lifeless on the other side of our fence.

So there we are, on the inside of this fence we’ve constructed with our judgements. Scattered at the fence line are the lifeless and mutilated things of beauty that the universe has brought our way—gifts just for us. They never made it into our hearts because they were snared on our judgements.

I wonder lately, what wondrous marvels, what gems and gifts have I slain with my judgements? Today I approach the fence line with wire cutters and the strength of my desire to knock down those fence posts so that I may embrace all that comes my way, friend or foe, because all have something to give.

As always, thanks for reading!

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