Laura Lee Bond

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Watercolor-Rendered Words

With only three lines,
haiku is deceptively simple.


It can reveal a nugget of truth, like gold. A morsel of deliciousness to be savored. An instantaneous transportation into another world. It can change your consciousness. Or it can just make you laugh.


In the atmospheric Watercolor-Rendered Words, the second in the trilogy, Bond’s poetry paints images of the natural world aided by the wind, a splash and a laugh.

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I can honestly say that submerging myself in The Love Around Us is one of THE best things I’ve done for myself in a long time!! To laugh out loud one moment, cry the next, and remember similar images from my childhood—wonderful food for my Soul!!!!

Thank you to Lalee for writing this book—and for her willingness to share her thoughts, inner awareness, and bountiful creativity!!  

—Dianne K.

Advanced Copy Reviewer

Kind Words

I am a busy mom who has not had time to read a book in a very long time. The Love Around Us arrived and sat on my kitchen island for a day. This morning I was up before my kids and as I sat down with my cup of coffee, prepared to scroll Instagram and try to calm my daily anxiety, I saw Laura Lee Bond's beautiful book out of the corner my eye. I started to read and was immediately transported into a joyous calm by her beautiful words. My anxiety melted away and I felt a new energy for the day. It's not just about the haiku ... its the stuff of life. I can't recommend it enough.

"This book is a joyful minimalist meditation"

Verified Amazon Review

Lalee's gift of putting the right words in the right order have made this a delectable read. I savor it and read bits at a time just as one would sip a quality bourbon or nibble fine chocolate.

"Scrumptious for the soul!"

—Christy D.

Verified Amazon Review

Thank you for sharing your fresh, often funny, and delightfully nerdy perspective on life. If I were a zombie, I'd eat your delicious brain first.

—Rebecca H.

Verified Amazon Review

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Listen to Laura Lee's interview about her haiku trilogy with Tom Maxedon on the KJZZ podcast Word 

(If you'd like to skip to her interview, go to 16 minutes 16 seconds.)

Listen to Laura Lee's interview about The Love Around Us with Tom Maxedon on the KJZZ podcast Word 

(If you'd like to skip to her interview, go to 29 minutes 23 seconds.)


About Laura Lee Bond

Laura Lee (Lalee) Bond writes in the margins of her life and full-time job at a small museum in a large archaeological park that’s tucked in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona, where she lives with her husband, Seth, and their cat, Bella the Tikken. Mysteriously is the first in a trilogy of her collected haiku from 2007–21, and follows her book of haiku-inspired essays, The Love Around Us.