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Overnight Change

an overnight change

summery green morphed yellow

today’s hydrangeas

Golden leaves and golden-brown hydrangeas with haiku overlay: ano overnight change, summery green morphed yellow, today's hydrangeas

A few weeks ago, when I was working on the intro to the third and final volume in the poetry trilogy (Leave Us in the Now), I wrote about the softening green of hydrangeas out my window. Today I see they are shades of gold. Were they that way yesterday? Maybe. Probably? But noticing them brings them into being in my world. This reminds me of other things that exist in my world, going along unnoticed until something, a change of light, of season, of heart, brings them into focus for me.

Awareness of a moment can change everything.

Visiting a friend who offered to make me a special cup of coffee. I turned her down. Layered in that moment I saw the myriad ways I had turned down forms of love in so many other places. I course corrected, deciding I would accept more genuine gifts.

“Yes, please, I would really like a cup of coffee, thank you.”

It was presented to me with the ceremony of friendship. That simple. Awareness of a moment can change everything.

Out my window, the hydrangeas are changing. So can I.

As always, thanks for reading!

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