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Mysteriously Launches TODAY

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

bouncing baby book

a delivery in time

for Na-Hai-Wri-Mo

Watercolor image of rocks and grass with the text: Mysteriously Book Launch Party Thursday, February 3rd @ 6:30MST Join author Lalee Bond as she celebrates the launch of her latest book.


In the opening pages of Mysteriously, a collection of haiku, I include this:

a dedication—

for the Haiku Thursday list

thank you for reading

Without you, the readers of Haiku Thursday, I might not have kept writing haiku for the last 14 years. If you buy the book, be sure to read page 87, a little something especially for you. 😊

Without you ... I might not have kept writing haiku

Mysteriously is the first volume in a trilogy of haiku (no essays … that volume will come at some point, I promise!) volumes two and three will be released later this year.

But the important part … what is Na-Hai-Wri-Mo, you ask me? It’s a real thing! It stands for National Haiku Writing Month, which is February, because it’s the shortest month (National Poetry Month is April … a clue for the timing of volume two). I’d like to encourage you to write some haiku this month, heck, write one for each day!

Aaaand, back around to the LAUNCH! Online, Zoom book launch party TONIGHT @ 6:30PM MST, replete with giveaways, reading, and Q&A. Email for details.


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